Friday, April 30, 2010

Song of John's Subtle Rebellion

I was thinking about Crater Lake, the second deepest lake in the world, on the same day I thought of food freedom fighters Christine Solem and the recently departed John Coles.  John was a lovely man, smiling quietly as he bucked the system, giving away free goat cheese at the popular Charlottesville, Va. farmers market because he was no longer legally able to sell it.  He did, however, accept donations for his and Christine's legal fund.

Song of John's Subtle Rebellion

volcanic lake with inward spring
drought could not his waters dry
the deeps exposed both rock and sky
a doe at dawn stretched near to drink

summer fires blew from the south
just to threaten tourist trade
but water's cool in the cascades
at day the doe lapped water's mouth

a blizzard blew cold three feet deep
the water's gray and strangely still
the doe watch from a fir until
at dusk the waters fell asleep

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