Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Simple menu good for digestion and wallet

This will also be in Becky Holm's Douglas County News:

Eating simple home prepared meals can be both inexpensive and very good for your health. During fall and winter months, focus on onions, garlic, carrots, cole crops, apples and pears, all of which are locally in season.

For breakfast, eat eggs or oatmeal from rolled oats you cook yourself, not the packaged kind that is full of sugar, preservatives and flavorings. Top oatmeal with butter and raw honey, which will help you digest it. For snack, eat an apple or other fruit (eating fruit alone greatly helps digestion).

Lunch should be your biggest protein meal of the day, to give you long lasting energy and plenty of time to digest it before bedtime. Skip bread products and sugar items, both of which cause post-prandial sleepiness. Eat a lentil, seed, cheese or meat dish with vegetables. Again, fruit eaten alone makes an excellent between meals snack.

For dinner, eat a small amount of sliced meat (not deli meat, which is loaded with preservatives, sugar and also is often the culprit of food poisoning), nuts, seeds or avocado with a large salad. Lettuce, avocado and nuts promote a restful sleep. Dinner is also the best time to eat pasta or bread, but make sure to use whole grains for more nutrition and also to lessen blood sugar spikes and drops. Or eat a bowl of brown rice or quinoa.

A delicious entrée salad with an Asian flair: marinate chopped broccoli, green onions and bok choy or other cabbage in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, ginger, sesame oil and lemon or lime juice for a couple hours, until wilted but still a little crunchy. Add sliced cooked beef, chicken, shrimp or almonds. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Eating the vegetables raw preserves their enzymes. Enjoy!

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