Saturday, October 31, 2009

Posole and Gluten Free Cheater Enchiladas

My grandmother and great grandmother in New Mexico served something like this to their ranch hands. I have adapted this to be easier, more flavorful and more economical with less meat.

The morning before, soak in water: 1 c. dry red beans and 1 c. posole or hominy corn (dry peeled/hulled corn sold in the ethnic section of grocery stores). In the evening, drain and rinse the beans and corn, leave in the colander and cover with a cloth. The next morning, rinse, drain and cover again. (Nearly sprouted beans and corn are far more digestible and also cook faster.) That evening, about 1 ½ hours before you are ready to eat:

Heat 2 tbsp. olive oil in a large stockpot over high heat. Add 1 lb. beef or goat cubes. Sear on both sides. Turn heat to medium low. Add 2 chopped medium onions and cook until onions are transparent.

Add 6 c. water, drained beans and posole, and 2 c. chopped paste tomatoes and 2 chopped, seeded jalapenos (or one can chopped tomatoes with chiles). Add 2 tsp. garlic, 2 tbsp. basil, 2 tbsp. paprika and 1 tbsp. cilantro. About half an hour before serving, add salt, cayenne and cumin to taste.

Cook until beans and corn are tender. Serve with corn or rice chips, warmed corn or brown rice tortillas, sliced avocado, shredded cabbage, limes to squeeze over the soup, chopped green onions and/or sour cream.

Leftovers can be strained of excess liquid and used in cheater enchiladas. Pour a little salsa into the bottom of a round baking dish. Layer corn or brown rice tortillas, posole mixture, chopped green chiles and cheese (at least 2 layers of each, ending with cheese). Bake 1/2-1 hr. at 350 degrees, until liquids are absorbed.

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